Animal Dentistry Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

The Facts Are Hard but the Solution is Easy

  • Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed infectious disease in pets.
  • By the time they're 4 years old, 85% of dogs and cats show signs of oral disease
  • If left untreated, oral disease can lead to serious consequences for your pet, including severe pain, bad breath and tooth loss.
  • Chronic infections can spread to the major organs, where they can seriously compromise your pet's health
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We Offer All Level of Dental Care Including: Teeth Cleaning, X-Rays, and Oral Surgeries

Your pet's dental health is an important part of their overall health. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends regular oral examinations and dental cleanings for all adult dogs and cats. This is recommended annually because bacteria and food debris accumulates around a pet's teeth and, if left unchecked, will lead to deterioration of the soft tissue and bone surrounding the teeth. This decay results in irreversible periodontal disease and even tooth loss. We can recommend and demonstrate preventative measures you can begin at home, such as DOXIROBE™ Gel. This helps save dogs' teeth, improves gums, and fosters better breath.

A New Weapon in the Treatment and Control of Periodontal Disease

Doxirobe Gel

  • Simple - Special syringe with a bendable cannula injects DOXIROBE™ Gel (doxycycline) directly into infected pockets.
  • Sure - Flowable polymer quickly stiffens and stays in place to release doxycycline for up to several weeks.
  • Effective - Just one treatment reduces periodontal pocket depth, increases reattachment and reduces gingival inflammation
  • Rewarding - DOXIROBE™ Gel helps save dogs' teeth. Improves gums and fosters better breath.
  • Safe - In a clinical study with multiple treatment sites per dog, all detectable serum concentrations of doxycycline were well below toxic levels, DOXIROBE Gel, however, is not for use in dogs under 1 year of age, because the use of tetracycline during tooth development has been associated with permanent discoloring of teeth. Not for pregnant bitches, as its use in breeding dogs has not been evaluated.
  • Convenient - DOXIROBE™ Gel biodegrades over time, so there's no need for removal.